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Smart innovative team working to create designs keeping in mind the objective and understanding the client’s requirements.


Event is said to be successful only when client is happy with the outcome of the arrangements. We take proper care and try to understand the need of our client’s and work accordingly to satisfy the client’s requirements and maximize the return on investment.

Retail & Fabrication

One stop solution for any fabrication work or Indoor branding work.


It catches maximum eye balls in a short span of time and thus gives maximum publicity to the product. We have the Best sites in NE and in affordable rates.

Local TV Channel Ads

Cable TV is still very strong in this region because of the language differences and one of the most important factors being the connection/signal problem.

Cable operators have their own local channel in their regional languages. Apart from other local channels they also have a News Channel which is very popular in those areas because the news which is area pacific and also in their own local language which they all understand.

Aahana Ads & Outdoors acts as a bridge between the client and the main operators.

Mobile Theater

Mobile theatre of Assam is a unique institution, which performs plays in various parts of the Region. These perform plays for nearly nine months in the year, starting in August, during which period they roam across the state. The Artists are the most popular Celebs of Assamese Film Industry and based on the Cast involved.

Aahana Ads & Outdoors acts as a bridge between the client and the Mobile Theater Groups.